In Memory of Hy Mizrahi, 1939 - 2019

In dedication to all pilots and flight attendants who lost their lifes on duty          
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Human rights activist, musician (drummer), songwriter, music publisher, film and record producer, original founder and president of both Kama Sutra and Buddah Records. Read all about the history of Kama Sutra and Buddah Records.

Nearly two hundreds hits from the 60s and 70s make Buddah/Kama Sutra the most successful impendent label of all time, it is one the great catalogs in American music, so it’s no surprise that the hits are used frequently. Not only for hit compilations, but also in commercials and movies.

Click on the links below to listen to some of the songs Hy Mizrahi helped to record.

I dedicate all the songs to the memory of Idit Mizrahi
who was gunned down in a fatal terrorist attack.

Buddah/Kama Sutra catalog available for licensing from BMG entertainment and BMG special products. Some of the finest music ever made, original recordings by the original artists:

  • Gladys Knight and The Pips,
  • The Good Times,
  • The Loving Spoonful,
  • The Trade winds,
  • Eric and the Smoke Ponies,
  • The 5 Stair steps,
  • The Trammps,
  • Ocean,
  • Robert Dobyne,
  • The Lemon Pipers,
  • Shanana,
  • Honey Cone,
  • The Vacels,
  • Melanie,
  • Brewer and Shipley,
  • Captain Beef Heart,
  • Edwin Hawkins Singers,
  • The Brooklyn Bridge,
  • Sopwith Camel,
  • Kasenetz Katz Super Circus,
  • Ohio Express,
  • The Stories,
  • Bill Withers,
  • Paul Anka,
  • The Shangri-Las,
  • The Pussy Cats,
  • Lovie Prima,
  • Bobby Mann,
  • 1910 Fruit gum Company

…and many more are among the most readily identifiable records of our time.

The 80s and 90s the President of Cannon/Starforce Records.
Top artist:

  • Ike and Tina Turner - catalog (available from UAV Corp.)
  • Freddy Cannon,
  • Ruppert Holmes,
  • Candy Apple,
  • Don Johnson.

See stars: Tommy Burns, Vince Edwards, Bobby Martin, Candy Apple, The Ikettes, Hot Soup Band, Chalklet Tea, Year 2000, Adam Wade, The Creepers, Rita Shamie, Linda Nardini, Jae Mason, Jimmy Randolph, Lola, The Hobo’s, The Party Dolls, Barbara Bennett, The Chain, Gang Band, Steve Jackson and many more original artists.

For over 40 years in the recording industry I have realized that talent is a many-splendor thing, in the music business, it’s the God-given gift of the artist, the inventiveness and imagination of the composer, the perception of the A+R man (artist and repertoire) who brings them together, the polishing touches of the Arranger, the administrative skills of the producer, and the market awareness of the promotion and merchandising men and women who take the final product and sing its praises to the world.

July 4, 2001 Hy Mizrahi produced a major live concert at Conventional Hall in Asbury Park, New Jersey “A call for freedom to end child slavery in Sudan”.

  • The Penny Royals,
  • No Regrets Band,
  • The Magic Words,
  • Speed Crazy,
  • Frank Bressi and Black Maseri,
  • Shaggi Tooth,
  • Pete,
  • Joe Haggi,
  • The Bank Robbers,
  • Mudface,
  • Janet Planet,
  • The Zorro’s,
  • Beeper Band,
  • Bermuda Triangle,
  • The Nose Bleeds,
  • Denny Blake,
  • The Rain Bow Band,
  • Feeble Minds,
  • Casanovacane,
  • Clear Shot,
  • Jam Yang,
  • Professor Plum,
  • Sharky’s Machine,
  • On the Outside,
  • The Tokyo,
  • Virgina, Gohla,
  • Shaggle Tooth,
  • Jamie Dane Band,
  • Bronco Billy,
  • The Zapp Band,
  • The Latin Cats.

Live Show at the Stone Pony-Asbury Park-NJ.
The Sky Connection – Frankenstein-Big Papa Cotton – Gene Taylor – Silly Billy – Steam Heat – Linda Kingston and many other bands.

Contact Hy Mizrahi for Video Cassettes and Compact discs: 732 – 768 1789

Current Projects:

My recent trip to Israel: Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces

Past Projects:

  • Elected in 1989 President of West Coast Operation Rescue for Syrian, Yemenite and Ethiopian Jews.
  • Letter writing campaigns to the Governments of Syria, Yemen, Ethiopia and to U.S.A. Leaders (1990)
  • May 1991 15 000 Ethiopian Jews Leave to Israel.
  • October 6, 1991 “Operation freedom remembrance walk” (for Syrian and Yemenite Jews)
  • November 24, 1991 – Rally – Simon Wiesenthal Center
  • April 14, 1992 – Rally Westwood Plaza UCLA
  • April 28, 1992 Syria gives Jews freedom to leave, U.S. is told of decision on 4500 citizens.
  • 1992 – All Syrian Jews Leave for the USA and Israel.
  • November 18. 1992 – Yemen permit Jews to leave. All leave for Israel.
  • 2001– A call for freedom to end child slavery in Sudan.
    July 4th - concert

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