In Memory of Hy Mizrahi, 1939 - 2019

In dedication to all pilots and flight attendants who lost their lifes on duty          
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My name is Hy Mizrahi and I' am a sound effects expert.

Recent events have raised serious concerns about airline security and especially cockpit door security.

"...A Lot of Talk; Not Much Action
Airlines and U.S. Regulators have made scant progress on new safety measures.."
Wall Street Journal
Using my previous experience I've designed a system that will help pilots and flight attendants withstand any threat to the cockpit doors and gain precious seconds, a decisive factor in success or failure of the hijack attempt.

CD SAVES is a cockpit door Sound Alarm Voice Effect communication system that repels a potential threat to the cockpit door, such as a mentally deranged passenger, terrorist or hijacker.

Please, feel free to send any feedback you may find appropriate.

I hope that together we can make our sky more secure place for passengers , pilots and flight attendants.

"...And yet again another attempt at the cockpit door.

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