In dedication to all pilots and flight attendants who lost their lifes on duty          
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Mrs. Patricia Friend

Dear Mrs. Patricia Friend ,

I write to you for several very important reasons first to thank the Flight Attendants Association for the continuous support on the behalf of the pilots to have a gun in the cockpit to defend themselves when under attack however till that becomes a reality I urge you to consider what I know to be the next best sound effective defensive weapon for the pilots in the cockpit - Cockpit door security sound alarm voice effect communicator system (CD SAVES)
I am also working on a hand held flight attendants (CD SAVES) please be so kind to contact Mr. Howard Luker security specialist allied pilots association (703 6892270, fax 7034642104) his assistant is Bernice her number is 703 6894219 I am sure that they will forward to you all of (CD SAVES)
I suggest you take the challenge there is a duty to act as we bring to light that these blood thirsty killers are from Osama Bin Laden Al Quada sleeper cells Zachrias Moussaoui the 20th terrorist on 9-11 –01 was captured Richard Reid last December alert flight attendants heroically restrained him he also trained with Osama Bin Laden Al Quada terrorist group FBI agents found other fingerprints on sneakers proving that he did not act alone had to have other accomplices to make explosive-laced insides of soles(shoe bomber) the gravity of the offence “airplane terrorism” which is practiced in secret Al Quada Abu Zubayah chief of operations for al quada has sleeper cells in at least 10 countries Donald Rumsfeld has said there may be 40-to 50 countries that have known terrorist planning attacks on Americans {CD SAVES}can protect flight attendants immediately its all about flight attendants staying alive in a hostile attack it will be a achievement for them they have a important job flying is not fun anymore.

Sincerely and respectfully,

Hy Mizrahi

344 Lowden court apt.36
Long branch New Jersey 07740
Phone 732 2297266
cell 732 7681789

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