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Mr. Joe Moran

Part 2 of 2 conclusion CD SAVES
cockpit security sound alarm voice effect communitor system

1 Shofar a ram ‘s horn used as a wind instrument; sounded in biibilcal times as signal, sound alarm, a calling, (3 short blasts
2 Stop(to cease from or discontinue to touch cockpit door; to interrupt intercept ,to restrain or prevent from proceeding ;acting; to block ,to check(a blow ward off)to defeat in a attack; pause or desist, halt imply causing a cessation of movement; one resulting from a command)
3 Warning(the act or utterance of one who warns; the appearance;sound;etc.of a thing that warns something that serves to warn ,give notice; or caution
4 Return(to go or come back; as to a former place=seat)
5 To (used for expressing motion or direction toward a place=seat)
6 Seat(something designed to support a person in a sitting position)
7 Thunder (a loud; explosive resounding noise produced by the explosive expansion of air heated a lightning discharge, any loud noise to strike drive away attacker with suddenness,3short bursts)
8 Vocal message is repeated twice
9 Attacker who heard the sound would at once withdraw from cockpit door so not to violate the command of CD SAVES the attacker is directly opposite cockpit door the words are connected with sound effects which means pilot can hold back misfortune immediately and has for filled required security and protects him from all mishaps and will be effective against attacker every word and sound is valuable and precious and will hold back attacker everything is under the control of the pilots every word has been examined for pilots protection the system will eventually be needed in the cockpit this is scientific data and I am 100 per cent convince that it will work well for the pilots in the most critical moment of a attack on the cockpit .

Hy note to pilots: I will give you good advice:
the budget for a new fortified cockpit doors is 100 million dollars the cost of cameras in the cockpit are about 1000 thousand dollars and because of certification and installation the cost goes up to 50.000 thousand per camera this information was discussed on TV by fox news Saturday morning June 1 2002 Mr. Paul rancatore of coalition of airline pilots association was the guest. CD SAVES remote start button should be placed along or upon camera; they will work well together the cost of CD SAVES is minimal and yet it is the system that does something to help pilots to defend themselves when under attack on the same news program the question posed ‘should we lighten up or tighten up on airline security Donald carty president of American airlines answer did not go over well to TV audience, most suggested that he should step down many say new terror attacks are certain we are at war with terrorist and CD SAVES should not be separated from cockpit door

I will gladly send final conclusion of CD SAVES on Thursday

sincerely and respectfully,
Hy Mizrahi
344 Lowden court apt.36
Long branch NJ 07740
phone 732 2297266 cell 732 7681789

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