In dedication to all pilots and flight attendants who lost their lifes on duty          
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Mr. Tom Horton, President
American Airlines

Dear Mr. Horton:

Medal Of Merit: This Medal of Merit has been presented to you in good will and appreciation for your cooperation as an air safety passenger. To discourse is something that speaks and is equivalent of memorial, a reminder of the attack on the United States of America, which moves all who see the medal to speak about it. (Note: The terrorist hijacker who thought himself secure will be unsettled on the journey and no longer have willingness to fight for his leaders.) I honestly believe that the United States Government will consider being helpful, or a large generous corporation may also come on board, What it does for passengers is bring hope, comfort, and security to all. I have, since September 11,2001, long looked with care and concern about the plight of the passengers who suffer fear or terror merely because they choose to travel by commercial airlines. The freedom of air travel is greater to direct our flight in safety and us to our destination in life, peace, and joy. The Medal is original and expensive remembering the innocent victims. The Medal will be worn or held proudly and with honor. It would be the right thing to do for all American Airlines to consider. After all, if you do not try, someone else probably will.
Please give the medal the attention and time it deserves. The mission of the Air Safety Medal for Passengers is to create a lasting, positive change for the flying public. Be strong and of good courage. Different designs of the Medal for air industry employees (Baggage Handlers, Ticket Agents, Flight Attendants, and all employees of the air industry.) Special Medals for victims' families, Fire Fighters, Policemen, Energy Workers, Construction Workers, and all Americans who bravely gave of themselves to help and save lives, The Medal will bring additional unity to everyone.
Please be so kind as to contact Captain Shital Rajan, President of Air Safety Equipment at (732) 591- 9412/ fax (732)591-0818. He has my notes regarding how the Medal may be helpful regarding security. How and when and where to give passengers the Medal and the question to passengers -Example -Would you like a free Air Safety Medal -Question at ticket counter -Yes/No Answer.
When boarding, Flight Attendant asks -Would you like a free Air Safety Medal -Yes/No Answer.
There is so much more that can be done with airline experts regarding the Air Safety Medal.

Sincerely and respectfully,
Hy Mizrahi

(732) 229- 7266

Note: Medal should be made in USA

Please forward to the following List:
Delta Airlines -Leon Mullin, CEO
Alaska Airlines -John Kelly, Chairman & President
Northwest Airlines -Richard Anderson -Chief Financial Officer
Federal Express Corp. -Fred Smith, Founder
American West Airlines -Douglas Parker, Chairman, President, CEO
American Pilots Association
Flight Attendants Union
Air Transport
All Airline Carriers
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