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Mr. Hy Mizrahi

Dear Mr. Mizrahi:

Bose Corporation does not solicit or encourage the submission of suggestions; however, we are always pleased and grateful for the interest shown by the public in Bose and its products.

When information is offered by the public, we are concerned with protecting the interests of the persons offering the information as well as safeguarding Bose Corporation against possible misunderstandings. It is for these and other reasons we have carefully developed guidelines that will offer protection for all concerned.

It is our belief the United States patent system furnishes a fair measure of protection for both the offerer and Bose Corporation. The likelihood of future misunderstandings is considerably less when the rights of the inventor are protected by the established patent laws.

Therefore, we tend to only consider information that has been patented, or is in filed patent applications and submitted on a nonconfidential basis. We rarely offer to obtain rights in unsolicited suggestions.

If you are still interested in submitting this information, please comply with the following guidelines.

1. Carefully read the attached Disclosure Agreement, and if all of the conditions are acceptable, complete, sign, and attach a complete copy of your issued patent. If you have applied for a patent, but it has not yet issued, attach a copy of your application WITHOUT the "claims" portion of the application.

2. Forward the package to us marked to my attention.

If we do not receive the Disclosure Agreement within 30 days, we will assume that the terms outlined are not satisfactory, and any previously submitted information will be sealed and retained in a permanent file by Bose Corporation.

After the completed and signed Disclosure Agreement is received, your information will be forwarded to the appropriate department for evaluation.

Sincerely yours,


Marie Feeney
Administrator, R&D


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