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Mr. Luker

Dear Mr. Luker,

Thank you so kindly for receiving my phone call.
The challenge ahead for aviation security professional demands the latest high technology, the greatest innovative thinking, and a high degree of cooperation between the private and public sector and among governments.
The idea is a nononsense, straight-forward easy to understand "Pilot Cockpit Security Panel" installed into the interior frame of the cockpit door. The panel can be demonstrated to be absolutely safe and effective.

The panel has an apparent ability to reverse any attempt to open the cockpit door and deny access to any unauthorized person, and with greatest security benefits for the crew.

1. Crew Surveillance -The front panel is made of a one inch, one-way view tinted black, fire, shatter, and bullet-proofing plexiglas acrylic sheet.
2. Warning and alarm system that rapidly responds to pilot access swipe card.
3. A Dat Compact player and mini speaker. A prerecorded airborne emotional intelligence, com- mands, and sound effects (Example = AUMS -Return to seat, pings, Return to seat, growl, return to seat, etc.). The mini speaker and Dat player are flush against the bottom left side of the panel with six pinholes for speaker sound only.
4. Two dime size stationary lights are in upper right side of panel, one red blinking, the other straight white laser beam.
5. A three by five inch quick delivery system of photos of various clergy from all religions telling him to return to seat.
6. State of the art digital video camera that can transmit to ground authorities the process of combing pilots needs and airline carriers needs to create a new security door panel (harmony) .

The panel is designed to meet air industry structures for production, materials, security. Simply put, when the panel is transformed into a finished product it will meet the needs, security, values, of all. The rewards can be tremendous (saving lives).
Developing a security panel for a new cockpit door can be a puzzling experience. I honestly believe this more and more and most pilots will agree that this panel is now necessary for all airlines.
The terrorist hijacker who thought himself secure will now be unsettled and confused, distracted on the journey, and will no longer have the willingness to die for his leaders. What is does for passengers is bring hope, comfort, and security to all.
I have, since September 11, 2001, long looked with care and concern at the plight of passengers who suffer fear of terror merely because they choose to travel by commercial air- lines.
The freedom of air travel is greater to direct our flight in safety and our destination in life, peace, and joy.
Please give the Pilot Panel the attention and time deserves, certainly not a product to be shoved away into a dark closet and put away.
I have never seen anything similar, the Panel is unique and it functions flawlessly by remote on the pilot's wrist. It's original, advanced with air safety in mind.
Everything is encased into the Panel. I will gladly send you all the dimensions of items plus the weights. For now the Panel is 10 inch by 10 inch square and one and three-fourth thick boarded by metal frame.
The Panel takes serious action.
The pilot now has time to evaluate the situation.
The threat to the aviation security has changed dramatically.
The cockpit door is a target for hijackers, clearly terrorists developing repetitive pattern, accompanied by copy-cat effect.
The purpose for this panel is to protect the pilot as well as achieving successful safety for the passengers. It examines the role of each actor in this drama and suggests how pilots can prepare themselves.
A Pilot Panel of opportunity exists to resolve this conflict and save many lives. We must not miss it. When the pilot locks the cockpit door, the safety starts.
I had the pleasure of discussing this plan and seeing in person the following two gentlemen:
Dr. James Yoh, President, CEO, Galaxy Scientific Corporation and Captain Shital Rajan, President, Air safety Equipment.

Sincerely and respectfully

Hy Mizrahi

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