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Mr. Stephen Power
Wall Street Journal

Dear Mr. Power,

All new products are just an idea. A great deal of satisfaction can be derived from taking the challenge of moving a new idea forward.

I believe that the wonder panel pilots door can and will save many lives.
The panel can be demonstrated to be absolutely safe and effective.
The panel is a story of hope of seeming miracles when all else has failed. The door has an apparent ability to reverse any attempt to open it and prevent entry from terrorists, skyjackers, highjackers, the mentally deranged, and will deny access to any unauthorized person. Its potential appears to be unlimited with great benefits for mankind.

Certainly not a product to be shoved away into a dark closet and put away.
I honestly believe that more and more, and that most pilots will agree that this panel is now necessary for all airlines. It offers relief for both pilots and passengers, for many others perhaps their only hope. It protects the pilot who will never lose control of the aircraft.
The pilot will have the ability to see any potential intruder through a one-way small panel and to act immediately by using a remote from his wrist or by pressing a button on the panel.
On the outside of the panel, which is a rigid, sturdy door, the potential terrorist will hear either barking, growling, or another noise to divert him, and at the same time he will see a small screen television with various clergy from all religions telling him to return to his seat. In this time the pilot will have be able to divert any possible terrorism, and perhaps the potential terrorist will be so confused he will not continue with his plans.

I had the pleasure of discussing this plan and seeing in person the following two gentlemen: Dr. James Yoh, President, CEO, Galaxy Scientific Corporation and Captain Shital Rajan, President, Air Safety Equipment.

The purpose of this panel/door is to protect the pilots as well as the achieving safety for the passengers I look forward to hearing from you.


Hy Mizrahi

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