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Mr. Joe Moran, President of C&D Aerospace
& To Mr. John Hardgraves, Mr. Tom McFarland

I am attaching a partial news broadcast from CSPAN, about the incident on February 6, 2002 on the mentally deranged passenger, Pablo Moreira who attacked the cockpit on flight 855 United Airlines.
In my honest opinion this attack would have been prevented if CD-SAVES was installed in the cockpit door. There was at least 18 times the pilot could have uilitized CD-SAVES.

Listen to CD for when action can be taken by the pilot.

1: When Moreira first approached the cockpit door to talk the captain (pilot) and was standing directly in front of the door.
2: When talking to the flight crew
3: When talking to another passenger
4: When receiving a cup of water
5: When he was knocking & pounding on door
6: When talking at the door
7: When he was kicking the door
8: When kneeling on his knees to put his head and body threw breakaway door panel in cockpit door

Dear John Hardgraves,

Thank you for returning my phone call and explaining to me on my answering machine C&D Aerospace response on the suggestions of CD-SAVES.
Starting over again with a proper presentation with a full text I realize that C&D Aerospace is in a position to incorporate CD-SAVES into the cockpit door even though there is no requirement from the F.A.A. and that C&D Aerospace at this point has completed a new secure cockpit door and it can possible to incorporate it into the cockpit door.
It is never to late to improve the security at the cockpit door. And I honestly believe that the airline industry will welcome it because the fact is that CD-SAVES is very necessary to save lives and the airlines will be happy to pay for it right away.
The cost is minimal.
If necessary I will be willing to write to or call Bill Gates at Microsoft and or NYC's Mayor Bloomberg or many other concerned billionaires to help fund this necessary increased security at the cockpit door to prevent repeated attack's at the cockpit door.
I spoken again this morning (10/30/2002) to Mr. David Rich Security Chief at the F.A.A. who informed me that the following procedures (guild lines) must be followed which are:

1: NY aircraft certification
2: F.A.A. “We don't dictate design the F.A.A. dictates performance"
3: Airline door manufacturers he was also nice enough to explain to me that the new cockpit door must also be able to standup to a 250 lb. attacker stimulating 300 joules of energy and also be successful in withstanding a point 44 magnum ammunition.

Please feel free to call Mr. Rich if you care to do so.

I did explain to him my feelings that if CD-SAVES was installed in the cockpit door it would have turned away any attacker.
He also made it crystal clear to me that I should not misrepresent our conversation to you.

Personal note:
To C&D Aerospace there are 2 outcomes at the cockpit door when under attack either the terrorist wins or the pilot wins.
If the terrorist win's you are looking at disaster.
With CD-SAVES it gives the pilot one last opportunity to stop him and make sure security is not breached.
It is the pilot who has to defend the cockpit when under attack and he does not have the advantage without CD-SAVES installed in the cockpit door.
The terrorist's are plotting new tactics at the cockpit door.
Sounds and words are what you make of it will pilot control it
Is so very important.
Cockpit door has now no counteraction.
We will be forwarding to you shortly conclusion of CD-SAVES.

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