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Mr. Joe Moran President of C&D Aerospace and Mr. John Hardgraves

And yet again another attempt at the cockpit door
Sunday, November 17, 2002 a knife wielding Arab terrorist tried to stab an El-Al flight attendant and stormed the cockpit of a jet carrying 170 passengers to Turkey.
But was foiled by quick thinking air marshals.
At one point in the terrifying mid-air drama the pilots of the Tel Aviv - Istanbul flight alerted air traffic controllers by sending out the coded international signal for hijacking. (CD-SAVES should have been there)
But by the time the Boeing 757 made its scheduled landed at the Turkey international fifteen minutes later, and Israeli-Arab with ties to Islamic extremists-had been subdued by two security officials disguised as passengers. The would be hijacker was believed to be sitting alone in business class, managed to reach the locked cockpit door and tried to kick it in. But within seconds of spotting the commotion security guards grabbed him and through him to the floor (the passengers were hysterical but the flight attendants calmed the passengers down.)
The attacker was identified as Tawfiq Fukra a 23-year-old Arab with an Israeli passport.
His quote-"this day I will die".
Israeli officials were especially concerned about the security breach. (CD-SAVES should have been there)
His attempted hijacking was especially surprising, since Israel national airline is widely considered to have the staunchest security measures in the world.

We will be forwarding to you shortly conclusion of CD-SAVES.
The first sign that something was wrong was a stewardess screamed. Then the sound of the cockpit door being kicked, the sight of another flight attendant sprinting toward the front of the plane, and finally, a reassuring announcement, all in the space of less than one minute.

P.S. The white house concluded the latest tape from Osama Bin Laden was authentic and that the terror master is still alive and planning a spectacular attack on the airline industry and other worldwide targets.

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