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Mr. Joe Moran

(CD SAVES) Cockpit door sound alarm voice effect communicator system
(Part 1 of program 2)
Flight attendants hostage program with sleeper cell example

1. Amount of terrorists seated on aircraft. (three)
2. Lengthily evening flight at one of 429 airport locations. (International flights)
3. First terrorists seated either in the middle or the rear of the airplane is a decoy terrorist whose job is to create a distraction or a distance causing the air Marshall to reach to this therefore explosing himself and defusing the situation.
4. Terrorists two and three are a couple male and female sitting in first class during the disturbance in the rear of the airplane female terrorist remove her jacket and is disguised as a flight attendant stands up and screams to the passengers there is a bomb on the plane go to the rear of the airplane.
5. Third terrorist stands up and attacks the flight attendant grabbing and pulling her around from behind with one arm around her neck and holding and sharp pointed pencil to her throat pulling her to the cockpit door.
6. (Weapons) disguised phony bomb belt with yellow strings hanging from the device. Phony cellular phone. that looks like a bomb. Dust.
7. Spray to frighten passengers to see a mist that appears to be smoke.

Hy notes:

The pilot should not open cockpit door if terrorist are slaughtering
Flight attendants of butching passengers hearing their screams
To open the cockpit door even though it’s in their human nature to do so
And come to their aid even if pilot is armed with a handgun terrorist will
Be able to disarm pilot in seconds (even thought a pilot is trained to do so.)

1. The worse thing you can do is nothing at all to counteract this problem.
2. A terrorist is capable in setting himself on fire at cockpit door
3. The planners of the sept 11,01 attack had two years of plotting this attack.
4. The mastermind of the next deep sleeper cell attack is gathering all the resources from the Internet and other means.
5. The terrorists are the most dangerous, homicidale and suicidal trained militants in the world. And would die for their cause.
6. The terrorist have a religious hatred for Americans & Israelis
7. Terrorist sleeper cells still exist and their evil minds are planning more horrific attacks against America and Israel.
8. I know that I am working in the right direction.
9. I feel I should share my idea with C&D Aerospace and that C&D Aerospace can include cdsaves making the fortied cockpit door 100% completely secure.
10. As I mentioned to you Paul I am not looking for any financial gain or reward there is no ego involved here but it will greatly be appreciated if I can be rebursed for my time and effort and expenses. I have communicated with everybody in the airline industry /and I feel your company is the most important one that will be able to make this a reality and save many lives.
11. Please help me finically so that I am able to continue ours goals or arrange for a tiny loan because I have no more funds.
12. I am willing to pay the loan back as soon as possible.
13. As I mentioned to you last Sunday on the telephone my automobile was broken into and all my personnel papers and computer disks were stolen. I am now starting over and will send you immediately the complete package of cdsaves dealing with timetable (nanoseconds) (decibels) (frequencies ranges)
14. Sequences of actions & sound effects which is consistent with terrorist counter measures
15. CD SAVES has a special delivery system to deter any attacks at the cockpit door
16. Terrorists will be in utter shock from this unit that he will suspend all action immediately and give up all efforts.
17. Remember the terrorist’s main goal is to gain access to cockpit and take control to use plane as a missile.
18. If he fails to take control he will still put fear in the American public that it is not safe to fly.
19. As I mentioned to you Paul there are two hundred and thirty eight points of very important information that will be forwarded to you shortly.
20. I am working closely with my sound engineer’s to perfect this unit to be the first
Responder in any attempt in touching the cockpit door.
Sincerely and respectfully,

Hy Mizrahi

Home- (718) 336-3279 cell (732) 768-1789

P.S. After receipt of fax please contact me.

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