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To: Federal Aviation Administration,
To: Marion Blakey (Administrator) and David Rich (Security chief)
To: Boeing, Airbus, All the major Airlines, and all cockpit door manufactures,
And To Whom It May Concern

FAA: domestic airlines meet deadline to install Kevlar doors At some future time a pilot or flight attendant will re-examine the details, they are all their included to have a orderly account of the work connected with CD-SAVES.
Without any sound interruption from the cockpit door, is permitting the advantage to the attacker to remain at the cockpit door remember the longer the attacker is at the cockpit door no one knows exactly what is going to happen.
In the Newsday long island Thursday April 10, 2003 (the Suffolk edition) the statement that the new doors still leave holes in the safety net, some pilots and security experts say the doors have keyless, electronic lock, but then are only effective when shut and during long flights, the cockpit door is sometimes open up to a dozen times to allow bathroom breaks for flight crew.
“What they did so far is good, but it’s only half the job,” said Bob Semprini, a Captain of with a major airlines with CD-SAVES installed in the security hole it fills the safety net it in the cockpit door.

Without CD-SAVES I believe the F.A.A. missed something extremely important for the pilot.

The opportunity has arisen to bring down the intruder by diverting and interrupting his intention to CD-SAVES. If CD-SAVES were part of the security door the intruder will have to now jump back and away with his hands in front of his face or body protecting himself with special sound effects that feature a strong message to stop, warning danger, return to your seat now!!! (Sound effects)

CD-SAVES meets all industry standards and can be certified by the F.A.A. there is only one of its kind, now the intruder will not repeat the attack shocked and stunned that he is finished and done and the fight is now over CD-SAVES takes serious action immediately and has the means to communicate it’s message effects to intruder’s state of mind.

CD-SAVES it’s compact closely arranged, with remote and battery pack, micro-mini silicon chip, and sound messages for compact storage (up to 60 seconds) (languages) of time chip. What the door will now have is a boom box given only the pilot to activate start, which will prevent, protect, and be the first response to an attacker at the cockpit door getting results.

CD-SAVES contains real data, which will pierce the ears like the tip of a spear.

In my opinion now the door is not effectively dealing with the problem that exists. (Example: remember we are also talking about a mentally deranged passenger who is temporarily out of control and has to deal with right away in a special kind of way removing him from the cockpit door.

There are all kinds of problems that may occur, besides a smoker that causes him to break the rules and become stupid, a drug addict who flips out because hallucination, a alcoholic who becomes unruly, a hijacker, a terrorist these people will become extremely aggressive.

CD-SAVES is a security net for all of them who have these moments of madness.
The pilot is now reacting to the intruder and that is the whole point to defuse and confuse him to back away from the door the pilot knows what’s important when under attack, open communication to the intruder right now and not later.
The intruder hears the moment CD-SAVES his attentions in mind are focused on the sound distractions and to startle him to move suddenly away as being surprised and in fear by the sudden alarms.

Each second is very important to the pilot, and by him making a choice to start CD-SAVES will save his life, and encounter, the intruder.

It is also true the pilot’s can do some banking maneuvers to remove intruder, however that may be to dangerous to do under attack, and that also fails to give the pilot the right to directly communicate
will the attacker CD-SAVES is of the first importance for pilot and should not be dismissed there is always the minute chance that CD-SAVES can change the behavior of the intruder because of the sense ability of time and space CD-SAVES will go as far as possible to protect the pilot.
The security cockpit door problem is a sound problem, which requires a sound solution

Example: with the new cockpit door with its new viewing panel and video camera gives the pilot the opportunity to see the attacker but cannot take any action at all that is urgently needed!!
With CD-SAVES serious sound action is taken immediately!!
Making the pilot a fighter pilot!!!!

CD-SAVES our best defense system!!!!!
No cockpit door should be without it!!!

!News flash: “Airbus introduces terrorist proof door”

Airbus’ new door features reinforced attachments, bulletproof main door panel, and a warning light and buzzer in the cockpit.

News flash: “the first group of commercial pilots completed training at federal center they can now carry guns on flights.”

For example: when a fly is buzzing around your ear what is your reaction?
Answer: it will be to flick it away with your hand instantly.
With CD-SAVES the attacker’s instinct is to react to the piercing sound in a similar way protecting his hearing and in trying to muffle
The sound which in then will turn him back & away to give the pilot
Additional important seconds to fight for his life.

P.S. To: Marion Blakey: (administrator) and David Rich (security chief)
and To Whom It May Concern:
I write to urge you to a point a special security specialist of significant stature to review this matter of cockpit security systems.

Sincerely & respectfully

Hy Mizrahi

Please feel free to contact me at (web address)
Or 1-718-336-3279 cell # 1-732-768-1789
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