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Mr. Hy Mizrahi



Dear Mr. Mizrahi

We understand that you have what you regard as information which you think may interest Bose Corporation, and would value its opinion and assessment for deciding whether Bose would be interested in using this information.

As Bose is concerned with new projects of all types, it must, for its own protection, refuse to accept unsolicited proposals on a confidential basis or to accept any restriction on its future activity in connection with its own information or other information received from other people merely because it has reviewed information furnished by you. You understand that the submission of information furnished by you is on a nonconfidential basis, and any rights you may have in connection with this information are limited to those arising under the patent and copyright laws.

Should Bose decide that it would like to obtain rights in this information covered by copyright or patent rights, Bose is only to be bound by patent and copyright laws and terms agreed to in writing between you and Bose. As to information not protected by patent or copyright laws, any compensation from Bose to you for using this information will be solely in its discretion.

For your own protection, if you have not already done so, you should consider filing a patent application before disclosing this information to Bose.

Please sign the duplicate of this letter, and return it to Bose to indicate your acceptance of the terms in this letter. Bose shall then be willing to consider this information.

Sincerely yours,


Marie Feeney

I have read the above letter and agree to the terms in it

Hy Mizrahi

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