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Mr. John Hardgraves

Dear Mr. Hardgraves,

Mr. David Rich of the F.A.A. also informed me that the mentally deranged passenger, Pablo Moreira (febuary 7, attacker on flight )was sentenced to two years in prison for the crime he committed.

Please note: that with millions and millions of passengers commuting there will be another mentally ill passenger who will hear a voice in his ears talking to him only, telling to talk to the pilot to return to the airport terminal, and land the airplane now, or whatever message he has received from this voice in his head. He may also have a vision, and will try to do the unthinkable to gain access into the cockpit.

C&D Aerospace and other door manufacturers have done a wonderful job with their new secure cockpit security systems, however call them what they may (aeroguard door, guardian fortified door, improved version door, smart armored door, impact force door, etc.) and even with four bolt latch, and high strength hinge, bulletproof armor panel, extra cross bar, break off handle, blowout panel, bullet- resistant view port and peep hole, view from the cockpit into the cabin, electronic keyless entry system, netting, a remote cabin camera and monitor mounted into the cockpit bulkhead, biometrics keyless entry- including voice, face or fingerprint recognition-in addition to keypad or keyless card access etc. The materials maybe of kevlar, titanium or upgraded hardened, material and with the us government allowance of fifty thousand dollars per-aircraft and no sound security directly installed how can the new cockpit door be considered completely fortified.

My suggestion to C&D Aerospace is to re-examine every conceivable security system for its cockpit door, leaving no stone unturned, as it were. Pilots, flight attendants and passengers will support C&D Aerospace recommendation to install CD-SAVES into it's secure cockpit systems.
Now it is up to C&D Aerospace to be the first with it's product capabilities to achieve this goal.
This next stage cannot be stagnant C&D Aerospace can expand and find a small place in the cockpit door for

CD-SAVES therefore giving the fullest security to the pilot to take action when needed.
The attacker will hear what is precisely directed to him and will now act very aggressively to him ever word and sound effect have been put on the fast track and is very clear. I will forward shortly the conclusion of CD-SAVES.
It is time for sound security to be installed into the cockpit door.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Hy Mizrahi

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